MULTIPRIME Fast Dry Universal Primer

PPG 94-258


Multiprime is a one-component, corrosion inhibitive, fast dry 2.8 VOC universal primer.  This fast dry alkyd primer is specially  formulated  to coat interior or exterior metal surfaces to prepare for most topcoats. Uses include parts, machinery, and other fabricated metal surfaces. May be topcoated with a variety of finishes including epoxies, urethanes, acrylics and other alkyds.

Also available in 5's and 55's, call for pricing.


Fully 2.8 VOC compliant
Universal primer can be topcoated with most epoxies, alkyds, acrylics and urethanes
Fast drying recoat in 90 minutes (extended recoat times are required for acrylic topcoats)
Performance offset to Federal Standards TT-P-645, TT-P-664, TT-P-1385
MPI category #76, Quick Drying Alkyd Metal Primer

Refer to TDS for more information