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Military Coatings

Specialty Coatings provides a wide variety of Military Specification Chemicals for government and military projects. Our staff has 10 years of experience in sourcing hard-to-find chemicals. We provide products to the GSA through long-term contracts, BPA’s, and SPQ’s as well as government sub-contractors.

Through our unique relationships with manufacturers, we are able to specialize in small quantity availability on most military specifications. We are a DOT / IATA / IMDG certified shipper.

Certificates-of-Conformance and Material Safety Data Sheets are provided with each shipment. SCI also provides Mil-Spec packaging where applicable.

Click here for a listing of the NSNs we provide.

Please contact us with your questions. We look forward to solving your chemical needs.


Specialty Coatings is pleased to offer small quantity packaging and low minimum order requirements on many of the common Mil-Spec sealants. We also carry sealants that meet commercial specifications for Lockheed Martin, Hughes Aircraft, Fairchild, Gulfstream, and Cessna. Please call for current pricing and availability.

Specification PRC DeSoto Royal Adhesive
MIL-PRF-8516G P/S 727 WS-516
AMS-S-8802 P/S 890 WS-8020
MIL-PRF-8516G; Class 1, 2 & 3 PR 1201 WS-516
AMS 3284 PR 1321 WS-8010
AMS-S-8802 Ty l PR 1422 WS-8020
MIL-S-8784B / DMS 2410 PR 1428 WS-8010
AMS-S-8802 PR 1440 WS-8020
AMS 3276 PR 1750 WS-8020
AMS 3281 PR 1776 WS-8030

MIL-PRF-81733D, TY II-2

CLASS 1, GRADE A   WS-8070-B-2

MIL-PRF-81733D, TY II- 1/2

CLASS 1, GRADE A   WS-8070-B-1/2


Specification Alternate Products Flamemaster

MIL-PRF-81733D, TY II-2

CLASS 1, GRADE A   CS 3213, B-2
MIL-S-38249 Tyl / AMS3374 Ty4 PS 700, PR 812 CS 1900
(8030-00-783-8886, 8030-00-783-8898, 8030-00-723-5345)
MIL-S-11031, A-A 59293 PR 383, EC 801 CS 3202
(8030-00-251-7228, 8030-00-537-7925, 8030-00-275-8110, 8030-00-565-1042)
AMS 3284 / DMS 2410 PR 1428, PR 1321 CS 3330
(8030-00-291-8380, 8030-00-264-6583, 8030-00-152-0062)
(8030-00-598-2090, 8030-00-152-0022, 8030-00-152-0021)
(8030-00-598-2910, 8030-00-881-3933, 8030-00-028-4336)
(8030-00-065-0306, 8030-00-616-9191, 8030-00-680-2041)

Listed below are some of the other, readily available, sealants. Please call us if you don’t see your coating listed.

MIL-S-45180 MIL-C-47113 MIL-A-46146 DC 3145
MIL-A-46106 MIL-S-8660 MIL-A-9117 MMM-A-1754
MIL-T-27730 A-A-58092    


Specialty Coatings has supplied adhesives used in the construction and repair of aircraft and aircraft related products, marine, and transportation industry for over 10 years. With an extensive product offering including thermoplastic and thermoset systems, epoxy, conformal coatings, cyanoacrylates (Super Glue), potting compounds, polyester, structural and non-structural, and water-based contact adhesives, we can supply all of your adhesive needs.

Polyester Resin

MIL-R-7575C, Resin, Polyester, Low Pressure Laminating

IB 7521 is a pre-promoted, non-thixotropic formulated polyester resin. It is specifically designed for adaptability to many different reinforced plastic moldings and fabricating methods. It also has unlimited uses in the areas of locking and sealing threaded parts against vibration and leakage. IB 7521’s medium viscosity and moderate exotherm make it ideal for lay-up applications. IB 7521 meets Military Specification Mil-R 7575C, Grade A and B. This low pressure polyester resin covered by this specification is intended for use in fabricating laminates for general structural parts, aircraft radio and radar antenna housing, and other applications.
8040-00-663-8373, 8040-00-633-8373.

Fibre Glass-Evercoat, Premium Marine Resin, pn: 552

The perfect no-run, no-sag polyester resin for marine repairs! May be used on softwoods and fiberglass. Ideal repair for hulls, decks, cabins and tanks. Repairs all boat surfaces, resists impacts and protects against moisture damage. Specialty Coatings is current supplier of this product to the GSA.


Thin-spread, solvent-free, asphalt emulsion/latex-based adhesive

MIL-A-21016F   Linoleum and Tile Adhesive

This material is intended to secure resilient coverings to steel decks and to the under-layment of steel decks. Adhesive is used in submarines and other critical area for tile adhesive. Available in gallons and 4 gallon pails.

  • 8040-00-582-4596
  • 8040-00-582-4597

A-A-3138  Asphalt Tile Adhesive

This adhesive is intended for adhering asphalt tile and vinyl asbestos tile to concrete sub-floors, either to suspended, on grade, or below grade. It may be used also for bonding these floor coverings to steel or other metal sub-floors and suspended plywood or hardware sub-floors. Available in gallons and 4 gallon pails.

  • 8040-00-273-8705

Cyanoacrylates (Super Glue)

IB S-SERIES is a super-glue that provides exceptionally strong bonds, while allowing a very fast cure rate. Coupled with a special blend of stabilizers, IB Standard Grade Cyanoacrylates are a very stable product. The IB Standard Grade Line of super-glues bond more substrates than other ordinary super-glues. IB S-SERIES Grade Cyanoacrylates are manufactured in a variety of viscosities and materials to meet AA-3097 and Mil-A-46050 standards.

IB SI-SERIES surface insensitive cyanoacrylates bond rough, porous and acidic substrates including wood, cardboard, veneer, rubber, cork and leather. Surface insensitive cyanoacrylates cure fast even under conditions of low humidity and work where conventional cyanoacrylates fail. IB surface insensitive cyanoacrylates are available in a wide range of viscosities from water thin to 1500 cps and even thixotropic GEL for bonding a wide range of substrates. IB SI-SERIES Grade Cyanoacrylates are manufactured in a variety of viscosities and materials to meet AA-3097 and Mil-A-46050 standards.

Standard package sizes for all cyanoacrylates are 1oz (10/pack), 2oz (10pack), and 1 lb containers.

Listed below are some of the other, readily available, adhesives/resins. Please call us if you don’t see the material you are looking for.

  • 8040-00-849-5195, MIL-A-81236
  • 8040-00-753-4800, MMM-A-187B, AA-305
  • 8040-00-846-3351, MMM-A-187B, AA-305
  • 8040-00-738-6429, MMM-A-1754
  • 8040-00-944-7292, MMM-A-1754
  • 8030-00-992-3156, EPON 828 / DER331 GALLONS
  • 8040-00-822-6430, EPON 828 /DER 331 QUARTS 2 #
  • 8040-00-776-9602, 100 GR CLIP PAK, (BOEING MAT SPEC-BMS-5-126-3E)
  • 8040-00-776-9601, 50 GR CLIP PAK, (BOEING MAT. SPEC-BMS-5-126-3E)
  • 8040-LL-S04-4186, MIL-R-23461
  • 8030-01-265-2895, RAPID REPAIR STICKS/ NON-MERCAPTAN BASED 12-7” BX.
  • 8030-01-389-1385, FASTWELD REPAIR/ MERCAPTAN BASED  12-7” BX.

Sealing, Locking, and Retaining Compounds (Anaerobic – Single Component)

Specialty Coatings is pleased to offer small quantity packages and low minimum order requirements on many of the common Mil-Spec thread-locking, sealing and retaining compounds. Our materials offer a direct cross –over to many Loctite products but at a more economical price. We offer 10ml, 50ml, 250ml packages on the anaerobic compounds and 1oz, 4oz, 6oz aerosol, and pint packages on the primers for the anaerobic compounds. Our materials meet the requirements of MIL-S-22473, MIL-R-46082, MIL-S-46163, AND ASTM-D-5363.


IB PRODUCT NUMBER ASTM D5363 Number Military Spec "Letter Grade" Equivalent Loctite Product
IB 401 AN0121 AA Loctite 089
IB 402 AN0111 A Loctite 088
IB 403 AN0122 D Loctite 081
IB 404 AN0123 AV Loctite 087
IB 405 AN0124 AVV Loctite 086
IB 406 AN0131 B Loctite 085
IB 407 AN0141 C Loctite 084
IB 408 AN0142 CV Loctite 083
IB 409 AN0143 CVV Loctite 082
IB 410 AN0151 E Loctite 080
IB 411 AN0152 EV Loctite 079
IB 412 AN0161 H Loctite 078
IB 413 AN0162 HV Loctite 077
IB 414 AN0163 HVV Loctite 571
IB 415 AN0171 JV Loctite 712
IB Primer N   N Loctite N7649
IB Primer T   T Loctite T7471


IB PRODUCT NUMBER ASTM D5363 Number Military Spec "Letter Grade" Equivalent Loctite Product
IB 226 AN0411 Type 1 Loctite 609
IB 248 AN0412 Type 2 Loctite 640
IB 288 AN0421 Type 3 Loctite 635

IBPRODUCT NUMBER ASTM D5363 Number Type Grade Equivalent Loctite Product
IB 440 AN0231 I J Loctite 241
IB 146 AN0221 I K Loctite 271
IB 188 AN0211 I L Loctite 277
IB 122 AN0311 II M Loctite 222MS
IB 124 AN0321 II N Loctite 242
IB 184 AN0331 II O Loctite 262
IB 446 AN0241 III P N/A
IB 447 AN0251 III Q Loctite 220
IB 108 AN0261 III R Loctite 290

Paints and Coatings

Besides our full line of Industrial, Architectural, and Marine coatings, we provide an extensive line of military paints and coatings. We supply everything from the pre-treatment, conversion coatings, to the top-coat and wax.

Zinc Chromate Primer, Alkyd based

The old stand-by for corrosion protection, zinc chromate primers are becoming increasingly harder to find. We are proud to be able to offer zinc chromate primers meeting the following specifications: TT-P-1757, Rev. A. yellow or green, TT-P-1757, Rev. B, Type 1, Class C, yellow (aerosols available in yellow or green), TT-P-645, Rev. A.

MIL-PRF-85825D, Type I, Class H,
Polyurethane Coating for Aircraft and Support Equipment

Type I of this polyurethane coating is intended for use on aircraft weapons systems and other applications. The combination of all properties of MIL-PRF-85285; component; liquid; cured coating; resistance; mixing; application; cleanability; strippability; along with the composition and solvent content provide the necessary requirements for a polyurethane coating used in the extremes of the naval aviation environment. There are no commercial equivalents that meet the combination of all properties of MIL-PRF-85285.

Specialty Coatings is excited to offer the recently released MIL-PRF-85285D, Type I, class H in aerosol cans. We can supply 2-component, single use, aerosol cans that are qualified to the specification in all gloss levels and most colors of the Fed Std 595 color chart. The aerosol can is capable of touching up 12-20 square feet of surface area. Please call for pricing and availability.   

CARC (Chemical Agent Resistant Coating)

The CARC system is a combination of pretreatments, primers and topcoats. After surface preparation and pretreatment, exteriors of vehicles are painted with an epoxy primer, then with an aliphatic polyurethane topcoat. The interior of hull-type vehicles get an epoxy enamel over the epoxy primer. CARC provides a surface that resists the penetration of chemical agents. This makes for quick, complete decontamination. It does NOT soak up chemical agents the way alkyd paint does. It also resists removal by decontaminating solutions.


Process Ferrous Metal Non-Ferrous Metal
Cleaning TT-C-490 TT-C-490
Pre-treating TT-C-490, I (Zn phosphate) DOD-P-15328 (wash primer)
    MIL-C-8514 (wash primer)
  DOD-P-15328 (wash primer) MIL-C-5541 (chromate conversion)
  MIL-C-8514 (wash primer) MIL-A-8625 (anodize)
Priming MIL-P-53022 MIL-PRF-23377
  MIL-P-53030 MIL-P-53022
  MIL-P-53084 MIL-P-53030
Top-coating MIL-PRF-22750 MIL-PRF-22750
  (interior only) (interior only)
  MIL-C-46168 MIL-C-46168
  MIL-C-53039 MIL-C-53039
  MIL-DTL-64159 MIL-DTL-64159

Listed below are some of the other, readily available, paints, primers and pre-treatments. Please call if you don’t see your coating.

MIL-C-46168 MIL-P-23377 TT-E-489 TT-E-527
TT-L-20 TT-P-28 TT-P-664 MIL-C-22750
MIL-DTL-15090 MIL-E-24635 DOD-P-24441 MIL-C-8514
MIL-C-81706 MIL-W-5044 MIL-E-16663 MIL-P-53030
MIL-P-85582 MIL-P-14105 MIL-DTL-53039 MIL-DTL-64159
TT-E-529 DOD-P-15328 MIL-C-27725 MIL-P-53022
MIL-C-8514 TT-C-490, TY III MIL-P-26915 MIL-V-173
MIL-C-83019 MIL-I-46058 TT-I-1795 A-A-208




Mil-spec coatings can range from dry film lubricants to waxes to corrosion preventives and even lubricants. We specialize in small package quantities of these coatings. Listed below are a few commonly requested materials. Please call customer service if your specification is not listed.

Corrosion Preventives

Corrosion preventives come in many different forms. We offer aviation, long and short term storage, hot melt, water-displacing, anti-seize, and engine break-in fluids just to name a few.

MIL-C-16173E, Corrosion Preventive Compound, Solvent Cut-back, Cold Application.

This QPL (Qualified Products List) material comes in two classes and five grades.
The classes of the corrosion preventive compounds are designated by 'Class I' (High volatile organic compounds (VOC)) or "Class II" (Low VOC) as follows:

  • Class I - High VOC - VOC exceeding 2.8 pounds per gallon (lbs/gal) (340 grams/liter)
  • Class II - Low VOC - VOC not exceeding 2.8 lbs/gal (340 grams/liter). The grades of the corrosion preventive compound are the following:

Grade 1: Hard film  (175 degrees Fahrenheit (ºF) 80 degrees Celsius (ºC) minimum flow point of solvent deposited film).
Grade 2: Soft film.
Grade 3: Water displacing, soft film.
Grade 4: Transparent, non-tacky film.
Grade 5: Low pressure steam removable film

We offer this material in small package sizing as well as aerosol cans of all five grades. QPL Manufacturer Certificate-of-Conformance and MSDS come with each shipment.  Please call for pricing and availability.

MIL-C-81309, Corrosion Preventive Compound, Water Displacing, Ultra Thin Film. (QPL)

The ultra-thin film, corrosion preventive compound covered by this specification is intended for use on any metal surface. It can be used both for initial protection during shipment and storage and for in-service treatment. The ability of this material to prevent corrosion and to displace water and its ease of application when packaged as class 2 (self-pressurized containers) make it particularly suited for service use. The combination of properties of MIL-PRF-81309 provide the necessary requirements for a corrosion preventing compound for use in the extreme naval aviation environment. Type II, classes 1 and 2 compound is intended for use on moving parts where some lubrication is required, such as hinges, bomb racks, and sliding parts. Type III, classes 1 and 2 compound is intended for use on avionic equipment, electrical connector plugs, and contact points.

8030-00-938-1947, 8030-00-524-9487, 8030-00-262-7358, 8030-00-213-3279, 8030-00-546-8637

MIL-C-85054B Corrosion Preventive Compound, Clear (AMLGUARD) (QPL)

The compound covered by this specification can be used on metal surfaces not exceeding 250 ºF (121 ºC) as a transparent, temporary corrosion preventive coating. It is intended for use on non-moving parts not requiring a lubricated surface (such as fasteners, seams, access panels, points, unpainted metal, and where paint is cracked or damaged) This compound is military-unique since its corrosion resistance capability is much greater than that of an off-the-shelf commercial compound, in order to protect against the harsh environment typically encountered by military aircraft.

  • Type I - Self-pressurized spray container (High VOC - Exceeds 250 grams/liter)
  • Type II - Bulk form (High VOC - Exceeds 250 grams/liter)

Class 134A - Hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) propellant

8030-01-347-0979, 8030-01-347-0981, 8030-01-347-0982

Other corrosion preventives available

MIL-C-11796 MIL-C-6529 MIL-C-15074
MIL-C-62218 MIL-L-21260 MIL-P-46002
MIL-C-10382 A-A-59295 VV-L-800

Lubricants and Fluids

We offer all types of lubricants and fluids from WD-40 to aviation turbine oils to axle grease. We supply lubricants and fluids from industry leaders such as Mobil, Aeroshell, Royco, Brayco, Castrol, and Exxon.  Listed below is a brief list of some of the readily available materials.

MIL-G-4343 MIL-H-6083 MIL-L-46010
MIL-T-83483 MIL-G-10924 MIL-L-46147
MIL-G-6032 MIL-H-46170 MIL-T-22361
MIL-G-23827 MIL-L-23398 MIL-L-2105
MIL-H-5606 MIL-H-83282  

Cleaners and Degreasers

We feature cleaners, degreasers, corrosion removers and brighteners for the aerospace, industrial and defense industries. We carry products from PRC Desoto, Henkel Surface Technologies, Cee Bee/McGean and Penetone.  Listed below is a brief list of some of the readily available materials:

P-C-437 MIL-C-14460 MIL-C-38736
MIL-C-87937 P-D-220 MIL-C-85570
P-C-111 MIL-D-16791 MIL-C-85704
A-A-59281 P-D-680  

Waxes / Polishes

A-A-105 A-A-15 MIL-W-18723 MIL-P-6888


Listed below are some of the more copmmon mil-spec solvents we stock. Specialty Coatings offers a wide range of custom blended solvents. Please call customer service to discuss your chemical needs.

TT-N-95 MIL-T-81772 TT-T-291 TT-M-261
Xylene Acetone IPA / Denatured


MIL-C-7024 TT-X-916 K -87 Toluene

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